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Terms & Conditions

Objective of terms and conditions

It is important for you to understand clearly that you are responsible for your roles and responsibilities as a part of Glocal Teen Hero – Maldives. This document sets out which responsibilities lies where. You accept the responsibility to bear well-being throughout and after the Glocal Teen Hero Award.


‘Glocal Teen Hero’ means the person/s who has been recognized and certified of the title of Glocal Teen Hero for his/her contribution and impacts in the society. ‘GTH committee’ means the party responsible for organizing the Glocal Teen Hero. The contract means an agreement between the Glocal Teen Hero and the GTH Committee. These terms and conditions shall form a part of the Contract.

Recognition as Glocal Teen Hero

  • The GTH Committee at its sole discretion agrees to you in entitling Glocal Teen Hero Finalists through a review of documents submitted, online interview and jury’s evaluation.
  • The announcement and felicitation of Glocal Teen Hero shall be done during the Glocal Teen Hero Award Gala.
  • It is important for each of the GTH Finalists to take up their roles and responsibilities in the days to come.
  • The finalists might also be required to attend Glocal International Teen Conference in Nepal.


Amendments and Cancellation by GTH Committee

The GTH Committee may cancel the application of the Participant if,

  • He/she is not a teenager.
  • He/ She is not a Maldives citizen.
  • Any forged information/ documents have been submitted.
  • If the applicant is unresponsive, inactive or is not in line with the objectives of Glocal Teen Hero throughout or after the program.
  • In any case, the applicant is not liable to apply or participate due to the status of their legality.


Payment and Costs

Glocal Teen Hero is a fully funded program where a teenager isn’t required to pay a single amount from applying to being the Glocal Teen Hero Maldives Winner.



  • We do not accept liability for any damages or losses, personal injury or death caused by negligence or any unforeseen/ unfortunate circumstances or accidents.
  • Glocal Teen Hero is required to abide by the guidelines and consent letter provided by the GTH Committee.


General Information

  • Glocal Teen Hero may be contacted to provide additional information and have their information verified.
  • GTH Committee reserves the right to request and require additional information from the finalists in order to have their participation considered.
  • Glocal Teen Hero, by fact become GTH Alumni and he/she consents to put efforts in making GTH Alumni active and going.
  • This contract shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of Maldives and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Maldives Courts.
  • The applicant consents GTH Committee and its official partners to make film, video, photographic and sound recording for advertising and marketing purpose in the context of the production.
  • If Glocal Teen Hero is found to have carrying/carried out activities that brings disrepute to Glocal Teen Hero, GTH committee, may, anytime take actions against him/her.
  • He/she shall not indulge in any illegal activities that lead to monetary and other benefits through the use of his title.
  • The winner shall accept their role and recognition as Glocal Teen Hero until the introduction of new Teen Hero in the succession year.
  • Winner understand to be the winner of Glocal Teen Hero – Maldives only once and will not be able to compete in Glocal Teen Hero again.
  • Winner will be sent for any of Glocal Events or other as per need and winner will manage time accordingly.
  • The winner of the Glocal Teen Hero Maldives will be coming to Nepal to compete for the South Asian Glocal Teen Hero 2020, where the expense of the winner will be taken care of the Glocal Teen Hero Committee.
  • Upon the completion of the Glocal Teen Hero Maldives Award, the finalist and the winner is required to be in continuous touch with the committee and provide their work updates and growth. The reason being, every GTH Alumni work gets published in the trimester  newsletter released by Glocal Teen Hero which is circulated throughout all the stakeholders of the program.
  • These Terms and Conditions may be amended, revised or updated by GTH Committee from time to time.
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